Commercial Finance


Owner Occupied or Investment Commercial Finance

If you want to buy a commercial property or re-finance your existing loan, we’ve made it easy for you to do business. Our specialised commercial property team provide professional investors, developers or experienced owner occupiers with simple through to complex loans and the financial freedom to manage your investment the way you want to.

A lot of small businesses fail not because they’re offering a poor product but because they run out of cash. How much money do you need for your business? Not just to pay for set-up costs but to cover your living expenses while you get established? Don’t even think about going into business until you’ve done a detailed business plan and cash flow projection. Otherwise you’re planning to fail.

Both business finance and commercial finance are generally secured by either commercial or residential property. However, business finance is probably more associated with small business or SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). Commercial finance tends to relate more to the financing of commercial property.

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