Lines of Credit


Consolidate your finances with an all-in-one account that puts you in control of your equity.

By combining your Home Loan, daily spending and savings, the Line of Credit enables you to manage your financial affairs, so you can pay your loan off faster.

Home Loan Conditional Pre-approval

To search for a property knowing how much you can borrow, get conditionally pre-approved on your Home Loan that’s valid for 6 months with our Home Seeker service.

Freedom to withdraw

With a Line of Credit you have the freedom to withdraw the cash you’ve paid in, anytime you like, up to your agreed loan amount and daily card limit.

No set principal repayment requirements

Enjoy repaying as much or as little as you like, as long as interest, fees and charges are met on a monthly basis.

Expand your Investment Portfolio

The Line of Credit gives you access to your property’s equity, so you can use it for other investment opportunities that come your way.

Your loan is portable

If you decide to move house you can take your loan with you (conditions and fees apply).

Loan Increase

If you’re planning renovations, want to consolidate your debts or just need extra cash, you can access additional funds by increasing your existing loan.


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