The Process

Our job is to make the journey through the lending process a plesant one.

Making it simple but understandable. Managing and understanding your expectations is critical. Through a step by step process with open lines of communication we achieve this.

Step 1 : Do your homework!

Find a property that suits you and have a budget plan. See our budget calculator.

Step 2 : Contact your mortgage specialist

We shop most of the lenders available. We save you time and money by listening and understanding your situation. We then present options and if you feel comfortable and want to proceed we commence the application.

Step 3 : Prepare your application

Once you are comfortable and have selected your lender we will gather you information and help on this one! So we meet at a place and time that is convenient to you either at your home or our office.

Step 4 : Lodge the Application

We prepare and lodge the application on your behalf. We submit supporting documents supplied by you. If the lender has conditional questions we deal with this on your behalf. Our knowledge of the lending criteria and our ability to work with the banks allows you to rest in comfort!

Step 5 : The decision

Getting to this stage can take up to 3 week but this will be dependent on how long it takes to gather all the information. An approval or deferral will be issued. If a deferral is issued we explain it and mitigate it if we can. We will work through this with you. Once unconditional, the lender has agreed that they are satisfied with the application and are happy to lend the funds to you. You receive notification that the loan has been approved.

Step 6 : Loan documents

The lender prepares the contract mortgages for you to sign. We prefer to check these documents to make sure everything is as it should be. We then meet and the mortgage will be explained with you.

Step 7 : Settlement

Once the lender has received the loan documents they then proceed to organise a settlement date. Both parties are represented by solicitors and money changes hands. Your settlement agent should then contact you to let them know the deal has been completed.

Step 8 : Service

As your loan settles we want to you that our relationship has just begun. If you have any questions about your loan or structure you can contact us at any time.

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