Dear Brett
Thanks for the opportunity to comment on the financial services you provided in respect to the purchase of the South Beach property. I would be willing to have the following testimonial included in your website update.
“I write in support of the work and outstanding customer service provided by Brett Thompson during the time I sought a home loan from a number of bank financiers.
Brett made a positive first impression and maintained this through frequent communications (personal contact, phone and email) to keep me informed all the way through an exacting loan process. He took extra steps to help without being asked or prompted.
He maintained a strong focus on a positive outcome for me and highlighted all the pros and cons attached to the various loan scenarios I encountered.
I can recommend his service and professionalism to others seeking a housing loan.


Friends of ours recommended Brett to us, as he had worked with them/for them in the past and found him to be extremely efficient and friendly. We had searched high and low for a broker who we could trust and that would have our best interests at heart. We contacted Brett and liked him from the minute we met him. Brett has gone above and beyond his call of duty to ensure a smooth settlement for the purchase of our first home and more recently the re-financing of the loan. They great thing for us, is we are so confident in Brett’s work that we intend to use only his services from now on. We would recommend Brett to anyone looking to apply for a loan.
Tracey –PERTH, WA

My husband and I were using another mortgage broker when we were given Brett’s number to get a second opinion as we were having a lot of problems with our usual broker. After talking to Brett we ceased using our usual broker’s services and now only deal with All Finance Services Central. I appreciated Brett’s honesty from the outset and he does care about his clients and their financial future; not just about signing them up to a loan just so he can get a quick payment. We would definitely recommend Brett’s services to anyone looking for a mortgage broker.
Nicole Weber –PERTH, WA

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